Simplified Analytics is an analytics consulting company that works with small to medium sized businesses. We believe all businesses can leverage data and analytics to make better decisions. However, we recognize smaller businesses don’t always have the luxury of a dedicated analytics department. We aim to fill this gap for businesses by providing cost effective analytics consulting services that address the needs of your business, rather than a “rinse and repeat” data product.

The key to our success is focusing on understanding businesses to match the right analytics approach to the business’s goals. In our corporate experience, we’ve seen too many consulting companies come in and push a solution that doesn’t make sense (usually because it makes the consultants the most money). Our focus is on your needs rather than maximizing our project profit.

Simplified Analytics was started for a combination of reasons. Most importantly, we believe there is an unmet need. Large companies have the resources and scale to dedicate individuals to trying out analytics, while smaller businesses may not. We aim to be a low risk options for smaller businesses to be introduced into analytics, or expand existing capabilities. This allows you to leverage Simplified Analytics vs. hiring new employees or removing employees from other work.

Secondly, we wanted to start this business as a means to exit the corporate work setting. The combination of red tape, politics, and bad cultures showed up in varying degrees regardless of the company. We thought we could build a business that people can enjoy working for and our clients enjoy working with. Simplified Analytics is us putting our money where our mouth is.

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