While starting our company, we wanted to identify parallel ventures that could server as both a marketing and educational outlet.  Our blog posts are one of these avenues, while a podcast is our newest.

Both Kelsey and myself listen to podcasts from a variety of genres, so we wanted to take what we liked from our favorite podcasts and use that when creating our own.  The key difference between our podcast and others though is our focus.  When looking at the various podcasts available today, there aren’t any that focus on small businesses using data.

Our focus will be to interview small business owners and decisions makers, parallel entities to small businesses (Chamber of Commerce and government programs), and anyone else who has a tie to small businesses.  The interviews are conducted to assume minimal experience with data and analytics concepts.  When there are more technical explanations, you’ll see we stop the conversation to define and clarify the word or phrase. We want this to be an educational outlet for people who are interested in the small business space.

The target audience for this podcast is anyone in or aligned to supporting small businesses.  Using data is common practice at most large companies today and many of the most successful small businesses are finding ways to integrate data into their businesses.  Our goal with this podcast is to provide relevant resources and examples on the topic.

We’ll be dropping 4 initial episodes to gauge interest in the podcast concept.  Each episode will be coming from quite a different perspective on how small businesses can leverage data and analytics.

The first episode is with Mary Hodson, the Chamber of Commerce President in Hutchinson Minnesota.  We focus on using some examples from the businesses in her community and how they use data.

The second episode is with Cory Schmid, Employment & Training Specialist at the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED).  We talk about how DEED uses data to support the initiatives they run, helping both small businesses and unserved communities in Minnesota.

The third episode is with Cameron Wonchoba, a Data Scientist at Verdigris and HoopSpots.  Our conversation focuses on the application HoopSpots.  This is an app that allows users to find pick up basketball games in their areas.

The fourth episode is with Sean Dotson, General Manager at Dancing Goat Distillery.  We discuss how a multiple family generational company like Dancing Goat Distillery has been able to evolve to start leveraging data to inform their decision making.

We enjoyed having these conversation and we hope you enjoy listening to them as well!

A brief trailer podcast is available now! You can either follow this link, or search “Simplifying Analytics for Small Businesses” on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or Stitcher.

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