About Us

Jason Hodson
(The Data Guy)

Passionate about using data to improve decision making, Jason has academic and business experience applying a variety of analytics methods, spanning from data strategy to dashboards to data science. He’s worked at Allstate, Allianz, and AbbVie (must be something about companies that start with an “A”) in various data centric roles. He holds an Bachelor’s in Marketing from Winona State University and a Master’s degree in Business Analytics from the University of St. Thomas.

His niche in the data world is being able to execute complex analytics methods, while also being able to speak about them in plain language. He focuses on thinking from his client’s perspective, to ensure the solutions he’s creating are the most helpful for the client.

Kelsey Gomez
(The Consultant)

Kelsey started her career in 2015 at Allstate in their Leadership Development Program. Starting the program in the HR department, she quickly identified the need for more robust reporting and analytics, and knew she needed to learn more about data, analytics, and their practical applications.

From there she joined the Data Science team where she learned data strategy, and how to leverage analytics to drive practical business solutions.

She went on to join the HR analytics team, driving solutions to the need she identified earlier in her career.

Kelsey holds a Bachelor’s in Business Administration in Human Resource Management from Baylor University.

Within the world of data, Kelsey concentrates on helping business leaders discover solutions through data and analytics, with a keen ability to translate technical conversations to non-technical audiences and vice versa.