How We Work

Our Model

1) Information Gathering

All of our client engagements start with a number of conversations about your business, with the goal of understanding your business. The length of this step can vary drastically from business to business.

This is the most important step of the process to ensure we’re focusing on the right questions or challenges within your business.

2) Data Availability

Since we take a data centric approach, we need to understand what data is available, or what data needs to start being collected. This is initially separated from the information gathering step because we don’t want questions or concerns about what data is or isn’t available to inhibit the initial conversation.

3) Solution Recommendations

Now that we know what is important to your business and what data is being collected, we will produce recommended solutions with pricing, estimated timelines, and present to you and any other decision makers.

This can be an iterative process, so as you have questions or feedback at this stage, we can take that back and update the recommended solutions.

4) Creation of Solution

What this looks like will vary depending on the solution(s), however this will generally be the time where our team executes on the agreed upon solution.

Your involvement will vary depending on the solution. For solutions like reporting or dashboards, this may be a more iterative process where we come back to you for feedback as we’re building. However, for other solutions like a statistical analysis, there will likely be minimal need for iterative feedback.

5) Implementation

This will vary significantly depending on the level of support and type of solution. However, in most cases, expect for you and your business to have a higher level of involvement at this stage. The goal of this step is to ensure the solution is successfully implemented. If this is not done well, you’re less likely to see the value of the analytics solution.